Who’s In Control!

Well after a year, and completing 26 episodes of the first season of our program “Progress for Tomorrow” (P4T), we are now back with an updated blog, and a fresh and powerful perspective to share in the articles to come on this page.

Much of what you will see on this page will not only convey an “Anti-Trump” and progressive message, but an informed and detailed approach to what got us here in the first place.  In fact, we pretty much closed season 1 on “P4T” with not wasting our precious time griping about the Trump regime.


We’ve decided, and will continue to “lay-the-axe-to-the-root-of-the-tree” in terms of the numerous components (and they are NUMEROUS) that has carried us to this insidious point in our American history.  In fact, we’ve been manipulated over the years by our religions, media, politics, and social-structure which has kept us fragmented and divided.

The main question of: “Who is in Control?” is one that many Conspiracy Theorists have chosen to answer over many years, but they have done so without any access to a “credible” solution.  This means that the CT’s don’t have an answer AT ALL! They are more a part of the problem, rather than the solution.

In my time with such CT’s, I discovered that they were just chasing their own-tails (so-to-speak) and were not providing an intelligible solution to all the “ill’s” of the world that they complained about.  True education is a means by which we all benefit from information that empowers us to move in a “progressive” direct, and NOT BACKWARDS (Knowledge-Is-Power, not SUBJUGATION!).

What’s happening today (with this current “regime” in the White-House), and the conditions of our (SO-CALLED) unified “REPUBLICAN” government, is a direct result and manifestation of the seeds planted in the American conscious by CT’s like Alex Jones, David Icke, and many other CT’s who I even know personally (not to forget FOX-NEWS!).

In fact, Fox News has been the most responsible for the “Brainwashing” of many conservatives who have become what we now know to be “The Alt-Right”. Fox News has forwarded half-truths like “The Obama Birther Movement”, and his “So-Called” ties to “The Muslim Brotherhood”.  Now, most of the participants at this crazed cable-news network are down-playing the all-out assault on our democratic election process by the Soviet-Union.

To narrow things down, and bring this “comeback” article to a wrap, I most encourage the readers to thoroughly read the true origins of the “Illuminati” and the origins of the whole conspiracy notion of the same.

And now we answer the question of “Who’s Control?”.  The truth is folks, WE ARE IN CONTROL!!!  Just look what happened to “Repeal-and-Replace”.  Our “majority” in the resistance, all but shut down the GOP’s efforts to remove the ACA.  They had 7 years to come up with something better, but all they could offer was a butchering of Medicare, and tax breaks for the rich.

Yes, we are in control! We just need to realize this more and more!  The reason why it may not seem that we are in control, is because we are being manipulated to think otherwise.  The enemies of humanity are using an “AGE-OLD” strategy “DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER”.

Once we shed the light on the few manipulators who are pressing the buttons from behind the curtain (like the “bald-headed” man behind the curtain in The Wizard of OZ), we can see that these people and their plans can be “easily” neutralized”.  We hold all the cards! They RISK the exposure!

We MUST desist from ALL matters that divide us as a species, and move forward as a united people (Black, White, Foreign, Gay, Straight, Transgender, Religious, Pagan and more).  This planet is rich in diversity, and it is to be “cherished” and “celebrated” because that’s what makes us SPECIAL, and UNIQUE!

This understanding will definitively carry us toward “PROGRESS FOR TOMORROW”!!!!