Progress For Tomorrow (P4T), was inspired by the Presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Based on the Senators motivating address to his supporters on Thursday June 15th, we have answered that call to action in support of a “True-Progressive” agenda that Senator Sanders embodied, and fully represented in his campaign.

The Republican party has thoroughly “opted-out” of supporting anything that would move America “progressively” forward into a better, more prosperous future for “ALL” Americans (not just a few….).

I can say this with deep conviction (as one of the leaders of this effort), because I used to be a Republican.

For most of my adult life I was a social and fiscal conservative.  However, in 1997 I left the party due to its “narrow” view of the world, and realized that a “progressive” view of the world was more in-tune to who I am as an individual.

We support the increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  We support the need for universal healthcare to all Americans.  And, we believe that public higher education should be free to all Americans as well.

The problem that exist with our healthcare system is that it has become a “for-profit” industry, along with our higher education system.

Hospitals are now under the control of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, and our higher educational system has been raided by corporate profiteers.

Our political process has been turned over to the big-money donors and special interest that buy-and-sell political favors at an alarming rate year-after-year.

This is not the America our founding fathers fought, bleed, and sacrificed for.  We need a “Political-Revolution” to restore democracy to the way it was envisioned by those who initiated it.