The “Pathetic” Pathology Of Donald J. Trump!

At this point, most of you who read this blog, and many others around tClueless Trumphe country have come to the conclusion that Donald J. Trump is a “sick” man.

However, what some may view as very funny, I state this with the “utmost” seriousness.

What I am about to share goes way “beyond” partisanship, or political ideology.  This is something that everyone should take extremely serious in every sense of the word.

When CNN calls in a behavior psychologist like Dr. Drew Pensky, that
alone should give anyone who supports Trump a little pause to say the least.

On the other hand, is it the fact that Donald Trump has tapped into the “lunatic” fridge of our society that makes him fill convention halls and auditoriums to capacity? Have we become so obsessed with reality TV that it has “spilled-over” into our democratic process?

I’ll answer that question shortly, but for now I will state what seems to be quite apparent…  Donald Trump has shown to be so “insecure” that any attack launched against him is seen (by him) as a “threat” to his persona.

The media calls Trump a counter puncher.  I call Trump an insecure coward t
hat cannot stand and/or endure any opposition from anyone, even the smallest of opponents.

Case & Point; After the RNC convention, Trump got the usual post-convention bump in the polls.  However, instead of riding the crest of that wave, he decided to resume his attacks on Ted Cruz (an opponent he’d already defeated in the primaries).Cruz @ Convention

Why did Trump do this?  Because Cruz challenged him…  And in Trumps “small” adolescent mind, he had-to respond (as silly and petty as it may have been to the rest of the sane world).

Then we have the “momentous” speech by Kizirh Khan at the DNC conKhizr Khan @ DNCvention which challenged Trump.  What did Trump do?  He took the low-road and went after Mr. Khan without regarding the fact that Khan and his wife were the parents of an Iraq war hero.

Lastly we have Trumps first response to the question if he would support House-Leader Paul Ryan in his run for Congressional re-election.  What did Trump do?  He echoed Ryan’s words from months ago “I’m not there yet”, only to quickly flip in favor of the GOP Leader later on.

This to me was the ultimate “bush-league” move which showed just how “petty” and revengeful Trump really is….

My conclusion is this.  Trump’s pathology clearly indicates a personality that at-all-costs MUST destroy others in order make himself feel important and significant.

It is no wonder that Vladmir Putin (a man well trained as a KGB operative)
knew just how to “stroke” Donald Trump’s ego enough to draw-him-out.  This is a “
common” method used in espionage.

It is also noteworthy to point out why “50” former GOP National Security Officials deem Trump as the “Greatest National Security” threat in history….  These 50 fifty individual no-doubt can see just how “fragile” Trump would be in the face a major crisis….

The fact that Trump has NO-EMPATHY is all any of us need to know whether or not he would plunge is into s “nuclear” war without considering the cost of human livDDes….

As I close this article, I say this….  DONALD J. TRUMP IS A FOOL!  And anyone who continues to support him is nothing more than a FOOL!!!! PERIOD!

It is also noteworthy to point out that the reason why white-supremacist support Trump is because he has “CLEARLY” planted the seeds of hate and division.  How is it that David Duke has crawled from underneath his rock to run for public office again?  Because Donald J. Trump has paved the way…..

White Sups & Trump


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