From Trump Being Trump, To Puppet Candidate…

Other than what billionaire Mark Cuban said about Donald Trump being a “Puppet-President”, it would seem that Trump has already become a “Puppet-Candidate”.Mark Cuban On Trump

In the beginning about 1 year ago, Trump was known for his brash comments and statements.  Whether it be on immigration, or the outrageous “complete-ban” on Muslims entering the US.  Trump has been a lightning rod for controversy by the words he’s used during his run in the GOP primaries.

Now with the November general election in clear view, it would seems that Trump is beginning to look more like the type of candidate the GOP will endorse, as long as he “stays-on-script” ….

For the past several weeks, we have seen the bombastic Trump reading from a teleprompter during his speeches on foreign policy and economics.  But are these “really” Trumps true thoughts???

Well to get right to the point, we feel that Trump (once again) is doing whatever it takes to be elected.  However, the truth is, Donald Trump is in way-over-his-head….

Trump has never served in public office.  His failed run for President on 2012 never got any traction at all.  And, he is totally ignorant when it comes to world affairs.

His recent speech on “trade” is more evidence of that fact.  In one breath he says he’ll negotiate “great” trade deals, then he says that it doesn’t matter if the deals are horrendous.  Which is it Donald? Great deals or bad ones???  Apparently YOU DON’T KNOW!

Trump is NOT a man that any clear-thinking person would want as President.  He is too unpredictable, to erratic, and sadly uninformed when it comes to the demands of doing the job.

What we have been witnessing is a point-blank “con Job” being perpetrated on the American public.  What will Trump do in the face of a real crises as President? Will he resort to name-calling, and then wait for his collaborators to come up with a plan?

Can we really sleep at night with a President (with the nuclear codes in hand) who has NEVER known what it means to address and/or deal with an extreme crisis???

Right now Trump is being scripted, and restrained from the Trump we saw during the primaries.  But this in-and-of itself is NOT the mark of someone who is ready to be President of the United States.Donald-Trump-Taj-Mahal

He is also being closely monitored and influenced by his older children Invanka, Eric, and Don Jr.  These amazing three kids are the “real” reason Trump is still relevant.

It was the three siblings (born of Trumps first wife Ivana) that carried the mantle of the Trump Empire, and made it what it is today.  Donald Trump is just a figure-head.

This is what wilPuppet Trump1l happen if he’s elected.  Someone else will be literally pulling the strings.  Perhaps even his new running mate Mike Pense will be President in swift fashion after Donald gets impeached…

Is this the America that will be great again like Trump promises?  Or will it turn out like his “failed” Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City NJ???

There’s more to come.  We’re just getting warmed-up…..


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