Running For President? Or Against Each Other?

This will be a “truth-be-told” and/or “at-the-end-of-the-day” type of article.  You will notice on this blog page that our articles will not be very wordy, but will cut right to the chase.

Now truth-be-told, the race that we see taking shape with Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, has been more along the lines of the politics of “personal-attacks”.

From Clinton we’ve heard the accusations of; “thin-skinned”, “loose-cannon”, “unfit”, and “lack of temperament” being aimed at Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump has uttered the following; “liar”, “corrupt”, “crooked”, and “lack of temperament” as well as “lack of judgement” being aimed at Clinton. Now you can be the judge of whether or not the shoe fits the two aforementioned.

However, (here we go) at-the-end-of-the-day, where does that leave us voters? What substantial information do we have to make a value decision based on what we feel either of these candidates will do for the country?

In analyzing this race statistically, both Clinton and Trump have spent approximately 60 to 70% of their time attacking each other, and 30 to 40% discussing any kind detailed plan and/or policy.

The sad part about this (and it’s been pointed out by several political analysts) that what we’ve been witnessing is a complete downgrade or lowering of the standards we used to hold our Presidential candidates to.

In contrast to this, Senator Bernie Sanders has run a campaign based on ideals, goals, aspirations, and plans that have defined his slogan “A Future To Believe In”.  Bernie has spent 90% of his time discussing policy, and only 10% directly attacking his opposition.

We can spend an entire article discussing the proposals and plans that Bernie has outline in what will now become a major part of the Democratic platform in this election season.


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