A Future To Hope For, A Future To Believe In…

I said that I could spend an entire article discussing Bernie Sanders campaign, and here it is. If fact, it may be my most lengthy article.

Just in a nutshell, we can convey a detailed plan that Bernie has proposed throughout his run for President of the United States.  It is a plan which entails a progressive leap toward a better future for all American, and not just a few.

Now some may say (if it’s too good to be true, then it is…).  Some economists have even been critical of the Sanders plan. But what we will “briefly” point-out here is what they may have missed.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour could cause a strain on small businesses, but remember I used the word “could”.  Here’s what will happen.

When our hourly workers have more money to spend, it stimulates the economy by increasing “supply-and-demand”.  I’ve spent over 3 years on the road traveling all over the US.  And what I’ve observed is that when people have more money to spend, retail sales go up which also creates more manufacturing and warehousing.

It is the hourly workers who spend cash and maintain the liquidity in our economy.  When consumer goods are constantly in demand, then all the elements of the supply chain are increased as well.

More jobs for manufacturing, more jobs for the warehouse workers, more jobs in traffic and transport of goods, and increased business in the private sector.

Offering universal healthcare, and free public higher education is also achievable.  If most countries all over the world are doing it, then we can make it work too.  And we do it by modifying our tax laws so that it NO-LONGER favors the richest 1% in America.

Yes, these are ambitious goals and aspirations, but if we are the richest country in the world “why-not”?

Plus, Bernie Sanders record as Mayor of Burlington Vermont and in the US Senate has been one of great achievement against the odds.

You can view this for yourself in his video documentary “Bern” Part 1.  You can also see a very inspiring video with Bernie walking around Brooklyn NY (where he was born) with actor Mark Ruffalo.

This fall I believe the choice is quite clear. Trump represents serious “RISK”, Hillary represents “STATUS-QUO”, Bernie represents “HOPE”…


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